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    6 Reasons the Highest Offer Didn’t Win!

    Even in this market, the highest offer doesn’t always win. ⁣

    True story. ⁣

    Sounds crazy, I know, but here are 6 reasons the highest offer doesn’t always wow the sellers and win the house.⁣

    1. Buyers are inflexible on the selling timeline.⁣
    2. Buyers aren’t pre-approved for a mortgage prior to making an offer.⁣
    3. The highest offer has too many contingencies.⁣
    4. Buyers ask for things sellers made clear weren’t for sale.⁣
    5. Another offer is 100% cash with fewer contingencies.⁣
    6. Buyers don’t seem personable. ⁣

      Most of the time, the highest offer wins the house…but not always. In fact, sellers are free to choose whichever offer they want no ifs, ands, or buts. ⁣

      Working with an agent who knows how to pick up on subtle clues from buyers AND sellers is your best bet for landing a house you love. Interested? Let’s connect. We’d love to help you find your next home.⁣

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